The Joy of Flying [A Photo Journal] - Part 2

The Joy of Flying [A Photo Journal] – Part 2

I love flying! And I love all things aviation. From the engineering to the sound of the jet engines and to the joy of surreal sightings in the sky, it’s one of my favorite things to do! Last year, I posted my first, photo journal in The Joy of Flying – Part 1 and in this post, I’ll share the next edition of pictures and stories from my travel.

Sunrise over Thunder Bay

This was a route I didn’t usually fly because I mostly fly over the middle-east. So, this time I was flying Lufthansa Airlines on the Denver to Frankfurt route. Between sleep and wakefulness, what greeted me was this exquisite sunrise. We were flying over Thunder Bay, somewhere over Ontario, Canada. The sky started to turn a deep, golden with layers of fiery red. The silhouetted wing of the Boeing B747 looked larger than the rising sun itself!

Did you know that the Boeing B-747 is one of the most recognizable aircraft in the world? What makes it so unique is the hump over the cockpit and the nose design. Often referred to as the Queen of the Skies, it was designed by American engineer, Joe Sutter. The aircraft can fly almost 16-hours non-stop with a range of 9,800 km. This Jumbo Jet has reigned the skies for decades now since 1969. Now, most international airlines have begun the process of easing them out of service.

Lufthansa Airlines | Boeing B-747-800 | Frankfurt Airport

Moon Sighting

The joy of flying lies in flying the same route several times over and discovering new things, every time! At dusk, the unique colors and patterns in the sky contrast with the silhouetted image of airplane wings. And during the day, you may see brilliant patterns of soft, wispy clouds or stumble upon the moon itself!

While flying from San Francisco to Dubai on an Emirates Airlines Airbus A-380, this incredible sight presented itself to me. I changed the angle slightly and voila! This became an unforgettable image in my travel archives. I may never get to the moon, but I sure can get closer by about 38,000 feet from earth!

A Dream Lost and Found Again 

During one of many flights from San Francisco to Dubai, I saw an incredible sight. The rising sun reflected on the flaps and it was so bright that it seemed as if the flaps were all ‘lit up’. It was magical and breathtaking. I was so awestruck that I never thought of taking a picture. When I eventually did, I was late by a couple minutes and the plane had already begun the banking turn to the right. I was crushed and thought I’d missed the opportunity of a lifetime.

But, it wasn’t long before the opportunity presented itself again! On an early morning flight from Bangalore to Hyderabad, I was flying AirAsia, Airbus A-320. Bleary-eyed and sleepy, I didn’t have the energy to focus on taking pictures. But, when I looked outside my window, I saw this gorgeous picture! Like fields of gold that capture one’s attention, this moment will stay in my memory for years to come. In an instant, lady luck had redeemed a past, photography mistake. Just like that!

Una Paloma Blanca

Another time, I was flying from Portland to Denver on a United Airlines Boeing B-737. I discovered in near, ecstatic joy that I was in the best position on the plane to have an unhindered view of the magical mountains in Oregon. This isn’t as easy as it seems because it depends on many factors like the weather, the direction of the wind etc.  Portland usually sports grey skies and rain. But, this time, it was the middle of July and the weather was gorgeous with pristine, blue skies. It was a perfect day for a perfect picture. Like a kid on Christmas day, I was grinning from ear-to-ear, singing my favorite song!

We flew over several mountains and I loved how the winglets of the aircraft aligned so beautifully with the mountain peaks. Isn’t it magical when a snow clad mountain peak emerges from nowhere and you get a sense of the magnificent topography?!

This concludes my photo journal for this week. Here’s to more magical flights and discovery of stunning landscapes. Not just in the sky but in our lives and in the eyes of our minds.

Anitha Aswath is a Senior Leadership Coach, Team Consultant, and Global Facilitator. She has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and is trained by The Marcus Buckingham Company in StandOut and Strengths Coaching for Business Leaders. She is currently pursuing Brain-Based Coaching Certification from the NeuroLeadership Institute. An avid photographer, blogger, aviation enthusiast, Anitha is also a student of Indian Classical Music of the Hindustani style.

In an illustrious career spanning 20 years, she has served organizations like General Electric, IBM, Goldman Sachs, Target, and Cisco in regional and global capacities. As a Leadership Coach, she works with clients from all over the world to serve, teach, and enable the success of leaders and their teams.


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