About Me

“Kaizen”, in Japanese means “continuous improvement”. We have one life and many lessons to continuously improve who we are, every single, day. I’m a student of life, an explorer at heart, and deeply connected to the purpose and fulfillment of human experience.

My background

My wisdom comes from the many mistakes made across a 22-year career. The Industries in which I worked include Clinical Psychology, Business Transformation, IT, Investment Banking, Retail, and Computer Networking. My expertise lies in:

    1. Leadership Strengths Coaching and Brain-based Coaching
    2. Virtual and in-person facilitation of leadership and coach training for global audiences
    3. Leadership Development and Team Consulting
    4. Talent Management and Development
    5. Blogs, Vlogs, and Social Media

What I do

I’m a Sr. Leadership Coach, Team Consultant, and Global Facilitator. I have a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology. I’m trained by The Marcus Buckingham Company in StandOut Strengths Coaching. I’m a Results Certified Coach from the NeuroLeadership Institute.

I am currently in Transformative Coach Training with Coach Masters Academy, Singapore. I am also in a Team Coaching Foundations Certified Coach program with the Global Team Coaching Institute under the exemplary leadership of Professor Peter Hawkins and Professor David Clutterbuck.

When I’m not coaching and consulting, I’m an avid photographer, vlogger and blogger, and aviation enthusiast which you can see on Instagram! I’m also a student of Hindustani Classical Music.

What this blog is about

The Kaizen Life is an intersection of learning journeys made through the narrative of coaching, leadership, and mindfulness.

Contact me

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